At National Animal Handling and Husbandry (NAHH), we are the Australasian stockist of Pneu Dart – the Remote Drug Delivery Device (RDD) specialists for animals, whether it be wildlife, cervid or livestock. They have offered the best remote drug delivery injection equipment for over 50 years, and still to this day continue to provide quality products for even the toughest jobs. The Pneu Dart is simple, easy to use and has a reputation for accuracy.

Along with Pneu Dart, we stock products from Telinject Germany, who have a reputation for quality, animal-friendly, long-distance injections which use the blowgun method. The Telinject founder, Werner Kullmann, got his inspirations of native hunters in the Amazon Basin, who had a gentle, non-stress-inducing method for getting medications into animals, from, this inspiration the blowpipe and darts were introduced and are still a very effect way of administrating medications into animals.   

We also offer a range of Net Guns, for the benefit of all types of people with there capturing endeavours. Based in Invercargill New Zealand, our manufacturer - Net Guns International, provide quality products that are specifically designed to effectively capture both small and large animals. These products are so reliable that they say that they have “never had a unit fail in the field due to faulty workmanship.” 

Not only do we do a range of darts, guns and blowpipe, NAHH provides custom designed animal traps, animal management systems such as snake or cat tongs to Ketch-All poles and Nite Guard systems, specifically designed to act like a security system against animal intruders.

Based in Armidale, New South Wales, National Animal Handling and Husbandry, will do all we can to make ensure you have the best experience with ordering your animal capturing or tranquilizing needs.  



16 Madgwick Drive, Armidale, NSW, 2350, Australia 

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