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Bovine Health Australia is the livestock division of National Animal Handling and Husbandry.

Whilst NAHH has traditionally focused on providing products and experience-based consulting for capturing and studying wild and domestic animals, Bovine Health Australia is a subsidiary which is focused exclusively on the livestock and cattle industry to promote and provide Remote Injection equipment to livestock farmers throughout Australasia.

Tony Searle, the founder of Wildlife Animal Capture, (which is now known as NAHH), had a strong interest in the ways of livestock, and believes in the concept of remote injection to medicate stock in the paddock is an advanced, stress free tool available to cattleman and farmers, especially with products such as PNEU-DART’S Gel Collar or Wire Barb darts and the X-Caliber Dart Projector.

This method of remote injection has proven to be stress free for the animal and quick and efficient for the farmer. At NAHH we are able to bring more than 26 years of hands-on experience with using this Remote Drug Delivery System and have proven it to be a quick, efficient and cost-effective way of treating livestock.

Image by Judith Prins
Image by Charlotte Venema
Image by William Milliot
Image by Bill Fairs
Image by Louise Pilgaard
Image by Arie Wubben
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