Net Guns

ACE Net Gun

A handheld net projector that is suitable for Dogs, Deer, Pigs, Goats, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Pelicans and Wild and Feral Ducks (and people!). The ACE Net Gun has four barrels and is effective out to 25 meters, the net canister can either be fixed at the base or fitted with a quick release mechanism which allows for the fast replacement of a fresh canister with a pre-loaded net. The nets are 3mx3m and with mesh size to suit your needs. Each net has four weights. Each net gun is supplied with 25 blank cartridges and a cleaning kit and instruction manual which also covers repacking a net into a canister (Not hard to do).

Pigeon Net Gun

Shoots net as a blanket over pigeons or other birds on the ground. A Ground Mounted Model is also available. Manual or electronically operated. Used for bird flocks on feeding sites. The Pigeon Net Gun is gentle and safe for the birds and also easy and safe for the animal control officers to use in sometimes congested areas. The Pigeon Net Gun is customized to spread a net out in a fan-like manner. Weights are attached to the front causing the net to spread in a flattened arc, capturing the birds safely within.


• Handheld                             

• Birds remain alive                 

• Low recoil                             

• Portable

• Easy to reload

• Gentle to birds

• Cost effective