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What is Remote Injection?

Think of it like a flying syringe.             

Remote Injection simply involves firing a disposable dart filled with medication or a vitamin supplement out of a Dart Gun (Projector) at the target animal - the dart dispenses the injection into the animal and then the dart falls out onto the ground.

The process is fast, quiet and done at a distance from the animal so it isn't even aware of where the dart has come from and doesn't get stressed or agitated - in fact most cattle return to grazing within minutes of being darted.

Every livestock owner from time to time has to administer injections to their stock - this will usually involve rounding up and separating out the cattle to be injected and then restraining them in a cattle crush to administer the injection, this process is very time consuming for the farmer and causes considerable stress on the animals.

By using the Pneu-Dart Remote Drug Delivery System you can just drive by the animals in your ute and administer the injection without even getting out of the cab of your vehicle.

Any drug in a liquid form that you would normally have to administer to your stock by pole or hand syringe, whether it be Pink-Eye Vaccine, medication for Footrot, Mastitis, BRD, Pestivirus, Botulism, a De-Wormer or even a Mineral supplement can be loaded into the disposable dart and the dosage injected into the animal from the cab of your ute - it is that simple!

If you notice a sick animal out in the paddock or a sick animal in a hard to get location, you can give the beast a shot of whatever medication it needs right there on the spot as soon as you notice the symptoms.

Image by Christine Trépanier

While the concept of farmers medicating their stock by Remote Injection is relatively new to the Australian Cattle Industry, Remote Injection is used extensively in the Cattle and Deer Industry in the United States of America - anybody who has utilised the Pneu-Dart Remote Drug Delivery System to medicate their stock now swears by it and would not operate without a Pneu-Dart System.


The unique features of the Pneu-Dart System (Gelatin Collars on dart needles, Disposable Darts etc) make it the only dart system suitable for medicating livestock.

The Pneu-Dart Remote Drug Delivery System enables you to treat sick cattle in the paddock as soon as you are aware of their condition, it will also allow you to administer preventative injections to your cattle in the field without the hassle of having to round up and yard your stock in hot dry and dusty conditions - or cold and wet weather for that matter!


Remote Injection is the most cost effective and efficient way to manage and ensure the good health of your herd.

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