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Better Bovine Health with Remote Injection 


Medicate your stock with Remote Injection using Pneu Darts Remote Drug Delivery Systems. 


Remote injection is the ability to administer medication to your stock from a distance. Disturbance is very minimal and rounding up your animals to bring them into the yard for treatment is unnecessary.

With remote injection, what would usually take a handful of men a whole day to accomplish can now take one man only a few minutes to treat stock.

As soon as an animal becomes ill, remote injection enables you to treat the animal/s right away.


  • Less Stress on the Cattle

  • You can treat Cattle in the field

  • No danger to the person dispensing the dosage

  • No need to round up and yard stock for treatment

  • You won't run weight off your Cattle chasing them to the Crush

  • Sick animals won't become exhausted from the stress of being rounded up

  • Keeps the animal with the rest of the herd

  • Fast - Efficient - Affordable

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