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Large Suspended Net Launcher

Ideal for capturing groups of birds e.g. Corellas, Cockatoos, Ducks, Pigeons as well as Deer, Goats, Pigs, Cats and Dogs. 

In certain environments it is best to have the target capture itself. In the display below, a deer enters an area where bait has been attached to a trigger. Once the bait is touched the net is projected outwards, immediately capturing the animal. In this way capture is made with minimum fuss before the animal can attempt an escape. Since the bait is placed at the center of the net capture is almost certainly guaranteed. Originally this device was customized for use in Russia for the capture of wolves which are suspicious and alert to human presence.


The device shows how the net projector is positioned to fire down and away from the display "tree". Allowing for the instance where an animal realizes the trap and prepares to leap away from the danger. Remotely triggered devices are useful when the target is especially wary, fast, or difficult to capture with other live capture methods. For example it may be difficult to configure a sleeping draught to the exact requirements of an animal’s weight, possibly causing danger of overdose or not rendering the animal completely unconscious.


Electronically operated with radio controlled remote firing. Nets up to 25m x 25m.

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 4.06.47 pm.png

Small Suspended Net Launcher

Manually operated suspended Net Launcher for Cats, Dogs, and Birds etc. 

The Small Suspended Net Launcher is designed to catch cats, raccoons, possums or other similar small animals in a humane manner. It can be baited so the animal triggers the trap itself, operated by a lanyard, or remote triggering device.

The Small Suspended Net Launcher hangs suspended between two points. The picture on the left shows the two clips situated at the top of the launcher on either side where a rope can be threaded through to enable the launcher to hang.


Below the mounting site is the actual net canister, in which the net sits ready to be triggered. Just below the green cover for the net is the bait storage unit. This is used either when the unit is self triggered by the target, or to attract the animal to the center of the net before triggering via remote device.

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