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Type 'C' disposable RDDs are 13mm caliber and are designed to provide precise drug delivery with every shot. Colour coded in Orange, Type 'C' RDDs are best used with our cartridge-fired projectors: Model 389, Model 196.

Type 'C' are appropriate for use of small or large animals.


0.5 CC Type C


1.0 CC Type C


1.5CC Type C


02.0 CC Type C


3.0 CC Type C


4.0 CC Type C

0.5CC Type C


5.0 CC Type C


Practice Type C

Poly RDD Bodies (Only Available in .5 cc - 2 cc)

Pneu-Darts Slo-Inject® technology has fortified its plastic RDD body by transitioning to an opaque polycarbonate resin. Still equipped with the colour-coded polypropylene tail, the Slo-Inject® PolyCarb RDD possesses superior mechanical and chemical resistance properties.

Aluminium RDD Bodies (3 cc - 5 cc)

RDDs from 3.0 cc to 5.0 cc are now laser engraved with the volume of the injectable liquid capacities. Made out of aluminium tubing, our RDDs are designed to ensure perfect performance under any condition. 

Cannula Lengths 

RDDs are available with a14-gauge needle in lengths 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2" & 2".

3/8" needles are only available as a plain needle. 1/2" - 2" needles are available with the Gel Collar or Wire Barb.  Tri-Port Needles are available in all sizes. (Tri-Port allows the medication to be dispensed out of three injection points in the animals, which will spread the medication over a larger muscle area.)

RDDs 1.5 cc - 5.0 cc are available with either a Gel Collar or Wire Barb. The Gelatin Collar is made of an inert material, which holds the RDD in place until the injection is made, and after several minutes will liquefy, allowing the RDD to fall freely from the animal.

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