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Repels Foxes, Wild Dogs, Night Raiders

The Flash of Nite-Guard Solar® is not motion activated, but turns on automatically at dark. The animals stop the instant they see the flash, often times hundreds of yards away. The range of the flash is 400 to 500 yards. 

Solar powered Nite-Guard Solar® uses sunlight or daylight to charge. No batteries are ever needed. It will continue to activate during long periods of cloudiness. The powerful flash of red light produced from this LED system will automatically activate at dusk and will force all night animals to flee the area. 

The specially engineered flash implies to night animals that they are being watched or have been discovered by another predator or human and this is their deepest most primitive fear. 



  • No Batteries Required 

  • Automatic 

  • Turns on at dusk 

  • protects livestock, poultry, lambs, crops

  • provides a safe, solar-powered "flash of danger" that will repel all night animals 

  • Scientifically Proven to Work! 


  • Solar Powered  

  • Environmentally Friendly 

  • Weatherproof 

  • Excellent for home security 

  • Emits a LED "Flash of Danger" seen by animals up to a quarter of a mile away 

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