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Cage Traps

National Animal Handling & Husbandry offer a range of cage traps to accommodate for any trapping requirement. 

All our cage traps are made in Australia. Featuring a foot-plate operated drop door, with a rear access door, our traps are constructed to withstand any weather condition, and 

Heavy Duty Cage Traps offer the ultimate variety in Humane Live Catch Cage Traps today. The Cage Traps feature steel rod reinforced Spring Loaded Doors, pressure sensitive trip mechanisms and a durable, concealable green powder coated finish. For the animal control professional and trapper, the top of the line Heavy Duty Cage Traps feature all steel rod gravity drop doors, bait protected cage mesh, and a complete internal steel rod frame. All cage trap models are constructed to provide for exceptional durability with no harm to the animal.

Dog Trap 

Foot Plate Operated

Australian Made with 25mm x 25mm x 2.5mm mesh, with a foot-plate operated drop door. Has rear access door

Fox Trap 

Foot Plate Operated

Cat Trap 

Foot Plate Operated drop door, with rear access door. 

Rat Trap 

Foot Plate Operated

Possum Trap 



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