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Developed for handling Dogs, Cats, Snakes and Small Wild Animals.

WAC Vet Pro/Warden Gloves

WAC Vet Pro/Warden Gloves are made of hand-cut, split grade palomino leather and a ballistic lining of DuPont Kevlar felt. Unlike Knitted or woven versions, Kevlar felt is tightly packed for maximum puncture resistance. Double stitched with Kevlar thread, with a loose fir for dexterity and emergency removal. Developed for the safe and gentle handling of dogs, cats, snakes and small wild animals. At 23 inches overall hand and cuff, these gloves are made of Palomino Leather and DuPont Kevlar to provide a good combination of protection and flexibility. These gloves are puncture resistant, NOT PUNCTURE PROOF! A favourite of vets, humane societies, breeding facilities, university labs and reptile handlers.

Magnum Gloves

Magnum Gloves provide superior puncture resistance and crushing protection with 400 stainless steel safety bars built into the hand, clinched on the back and front of the fingers to disperse force and shield against penetration. Initially developed for handling primates, these gloves offer the greatest bite protection while still maintaining an ample amount of dexterity.


The choice of vets, wardens, humane societies, zoos, exotic animal handlers, hunters and animal rescue teams.


Leather Dog Handling Gloves

Comfortable Heavy duty leather gloves. Made especially for the protection of the animal handler. The backs and front of the gauntlet are heavily padded for added protection.

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