Gauged C02 Projectors

G2 X-Caliber 

Pneu-Dart's most recent innovation has become the most attractive, and most practical gas-based dart projector ever built.

The G2 X-Caliber has become a favourite for those seeking a versatile, lightweight projector, now 7% lighter and 7% quieter 


*Available colours: Black Stain and True Timber Camo 

​Benefits of the G2 X-Caliber

Dart ranges are the greatest and most accurate in the history of the company 

  • Virtually Silent (at -7dB quieter than incumbent)

  • Most Affordable on a per shot basis

  • lightweight at 8.69 lbs

  • O-rings are rated from -40 to 400° F 

  • 0.5 CC - 10 CC RDD darts

  • Barrels are 416R stainless steel with dichromate seal, minimizing any bore residue 

G2 Xcal True timber camo.PNG

The G2 X-Caliber's clean unique design possess a variety of features the industry has yet to experience.

  • Located directly behind the urethane coated forearm is our rotating power control, engineered to vary the muzzle velocity without taking your eye of the target.

  • Constructed of machined aluminium, coated with an elements-resistant satin finish, the X-Caliber is the most versatile of Pneu-Darts Projectors.  

  • Protective gauge housing

  • Spring loaded rotating butt plate for quick loading 

X-2 Pistol 

Pneu-Dart is pleased to announce the most innovative and practical gas-based dart pistol - the X-2. 

X2 silver trim.PNG
x2 True Timber with black trim.PNG
x2 True Timber with timber trim.PNG
*Available Colours: Black with Black or Silver Trim, and True Timber Camo with Black or Timber Trim 

Constructed of durable 6061 machined aluminium and coated with a sharp, elements-resistant anodized finish; the X-2 is the finest and most versatile dart pistol ever built.

Made in America, the X-2's sleek design possess a variety of features, including a rotating barrel port engineered for quick and efficient dart loading. 

  • Protective gauge housing 

  • Rotating rear barrel port for quick loading

  • Fingertip muzzle velocity control

  • Rifled 14 inch fluted stainless steel barrel 

  • 12 gram Co2 air source (25 shots/cylinder)

  • Virtually silent dart propulsion  

  • Optional 11mm smooth bore barrel sleeve

  • Conditional Life-time warranty

  • Lightweight at 3.04 lbs