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Model 196

Please CONTACT US if you are interested in the Model 196.

The Model 196 is an extremely rugged cartridge-fired projector that possesses a simple but functional design. The 5 position power control is conveniently located on the rear of the gas block, making for quick and easy adjustments.

Model 196 Specifications

  • Stock and Action

  • 11mm Caliber 19" Rifled Barrel with Airflow Control Ports

  • Break Open Breach Loading Action

  • CCI .22 Blank Power Loads

  • 2.95 kgs

  • 5 Position Power Control

  • 5 to 92 Meters with 1cc Type 'C' Disposable RDD

  • Can be purchased with Scope

*Available Colours: Black Stock or Camo Stock

*Cycling For Model 196

Recent field studies have concluded that cartridge-based projectors perform best when given adequate time to cycle. By definition: Cycling implies the ability for the gas chamber, within a cartridge-fired projector, to replenish itself with fresh oxygen. When achieved the projector yields a more consistent burn rate in each charge fired. Failure to do so results in less oxygen yielding lower combustion levels (e.g., reduced muzzle velocities) for subsequent RDD Devices fired at less than 30-second intervals.

All of our projectors have adjustable power controls that makes for effective shooting at close range or sizable distance, even from the bird's eye view of a helicopter. This allows for quiet propulsion and less trauma to the animal when properly applied — a real plus when immobilizing penned animals.

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