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Available in .5cc - 10cc the Pneu-Dart Practice RDDs are designed and pre-weighted to mimic an actual Pneu-Dart RDD filled with an injectable liquid. The Practice RDDs all contains a solid needle which is designed to be used multiple times when delivering your Practice RDD to a practice target.

We recommend that you use our practice RDDs before making your actual shot, to achieve accurate shot placement and determine what impact speeds with suit your situation. 

Practice Type C


Practice Type P


Practice Type U

Poly RDD Bodies (0.5 cc to 2.0 cc)

Pneu-Darts Slo-Inject® technology has fortified its plastic RDD body by transitioning to an opaque polycarbonate resin. Still equipped with the colour-coded polypropylene tail, the Slo-Inject® PolyCarb RDD possesses superior mechanical and chemical resistance properties. Poly RDD Bodies are colour coded Blue for easy identification. 

Aluminium RDD Bodies (3 cc - 10 cc)

Practice RDDs from 3.0 cc to 10.0 cc do not have the laser engraving. Made out of aluminium tubing, our practices RDDs can be easily identified by the solid needle. 

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