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Transmitter Packages

*Currently unavailable due to supply challenges in the United States. 

Easily track your darted animal with our new PLL (Phase Lock Loop) Transmitter Dart. 

A microprocessor control advanced feature transmitter with solid state components. Our new UNI-body case design fortifies the transmitter to withstand Kinetic Energy impact values FIFTEEN times greater than anything else on the market.

Battery Conservation Technology - Reduced pulse rate and duty cycle to conserve power when it has not been turned off for 24 continuous hours. Practical performance features found nowhere else including the ability to maintain high power output transmission qualities even as the battery drains.



  • Effective range up to 1.5 miles depending upon topography.

  • Battery life provides up to 6 continuous days of transmission. (6 day runtime using a zinc air battery only)

  • Frequency and temperature stable operation (Operating temperature between -40 to 150F)

  • The battery cap, once it is tightened, activates the transmitter manually. 

  • Magnetic Tap-on / Tap-off activation with pulsing LED light for easy detection.


Drug Capacities

  • 1cc Drug Capacity | Dart Length 7 15/16 + cannula 

  • 2cc Drug Capacity | Dart Length 8 5/8 + cannula 

  • 3cc Drug Capacity | Dart Length 9 1/2 + cannula

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