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Trapping Lure

Check out this great range of trapping lure – it stinks like nothing you’ve ever smelt before and it will bring all those pest animals running into your traps – literally!


Alley Cat

Alley Cat is a gland lure that was formulated with feral cats in mind. It works equally well on foxes.


Road Runner (Canine Bait)

Road Runner is a special food lure that will stand well on its own. For Foxes and Dingoes.



Roundup is a unique raccoon food lure designed in the United States to pull them in regardless of food habits. Roundup is attractive to urban possums stealing the pet’s food, grubbing the lawn or raiding the garbage. Works well on Foxes, Possums, and Feral Cats.


Sabre Tooth Canine Lure

Sabre Tooth Canine Lure is a curiosity lure that has an extra curiosity ingredient that is very attractive to all canines. Use in any standard dirthole set for Fox, Dogs or Dingoes. A favourite set with this lure is a small mouse vertical hole with a well blended trap up close to the hole.


Silver Tip Badger Food Lure

Silver Tip is a multipurpose lure.



Outreach is a very different food combination lure. This lure has just enough skunk to call the animal from a distance in cold weather conditions, but not so much that they will be satisfied without having to try to eat it. Outreach can be used as a call lure in combination with Roadrunner. If it is used as a call lure, place Outreach along with the bait. Great for Foxes and Dingoes.



Selector is a premium canine gland lure for Fox, Dingoes, and Feral Dogs. Use at flat or post sets. Has that little extra ‘bang’!

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