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Dart Caddy

Retrieve your darts from our specially designed Dart Caddy. Capable of safely holding up to four 2cc darts, the Dart Caddy is ideal for transporting your darts in and out of the field. Made of elastic nylon, each sleeve is complimented with safety tubes for added protection to your valuable cargo.


Projector Cleaning Kit

Ensure accuracy and protect your investment with our cleaning rods, brushes, and swabs.

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Economy Pistol Case

Economy cases are made with high impact plastic and plastic latch assemblies.


3.5oz Co2 Tank (For X-Caliber only)

WAC recommends our commercially cleaned 3.5 oz. cylinders. With over 50 to 100 shots per fill volume, each tank can literally last for hours in the field or on the practice range, and it’s recyclable. Equipped with a pin valve, removal of the cylinder after each session is easy and efficient. Tanks are made of high strength 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, each cylinder is manufactured in accordance with the U.S. DOT 3AL and Transport Canada (TC) 3ALM requirements.


Green Laser Sight

The AimSHOT Green Laser Sight features a 532nm green laser diode that has a visible range of 60+ yards in broad daylight and 1 mile at night. This waterproof laser sight is approximately 50-150 times brighter than traditional red laser sights, allowing for a much farther range of use and true daylight visibility.


Red Dot Scope

Just dial in how bright you want your red dot with our 11-position click rheostat Red Dot Scope. Shadow Black coating is a special heat process that bonds a strong rubber skin directly onto the aluminum making a beautiful, non-glare, soft black finish.


Transmitter Side View

  • Three-position Range Switch

  • Uses common, easy to find AAA Batteries

  • Full Three-year Warranty

  • Outside uses in rain does not void warranty

  • Loud speakers top and bottom


Rifle Sling

Designed with comfort in mind, these nylon rifle slings lay flat on your shoulder, and have proven their durability in real life situations.


RCBS Digital Micro Scale

To ensure accurate delivery of your dart we highly recommend weighing your CCI charges prior to entering the field. The new RCBS Micro Pro Electronic Scale has a new, sleek design. It’s compact, lightweight design gives it portability. You have the option of AC powered or battery (9v) powered. Battery not included. It’s fast, accurate, and best of all - it’s from RCBS so, it’s made in the USA and comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. With a 750 grain capacity, you can weigh your CCI charges within minutes with complete accuracy up to 0.1 of a grain. Size: 4 1/8” W x 5 1/2” D x 2 3/8” H


Delux Gun Case

Economy cases are made with high impact plastic and plastic latch assemblies.

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12 Gram Powerlet Co2 Cartridges

Clean piercing, rust resistant cartridges traditionally facilitate 10 shots to 20 shots per cartridge. Co2 systems which rely upon internal pin valves, similar to those found within Pneu-Dart Models 176 B and 179B, are designed to permit Co2 gas to expand when exposed to the atmosphere. The rate of expansion is directly related to ambient temperature. i.e. cooler temperatures (< 50°F) yield slower expansion rates thereby reducing the effective muzzle velocity. To combat this phenomenon, the use of hand warmers and/or limiti ing the exposure of the projector to atmospheric conditions is highly recommended.


Holographic Sight

(5/8” Sight Rail required)

With a choice of 20 MOA Circle w/5 MOA Dot, 10 MOA Circle w/ Poss, Crosshairs and 5 MOA Dot reticles, this sight has unlimited eye relief and FOV for the ultimate in rapid target acquisition. Features a 7-position rheostat dial to adjust brightness.

Magnification: 1x.                 

Field-of-View: 35ft. at 100yd.                       

Objective Lens Diameter: 20mm   

Eye Relief: Unlimited             

Reticle Type: Illuminated Red Dot


Scope Rails

Pneu-Dart 5/8” & 3/8" Sight rails Custom designed by Pneu-Dart, the sight rail enables you to attach your scope to one of our cartridge fired projectors. (193, 196, and 389).


Recommended Reading

SHOOTING THE BULL - Mark “Curly” Waters 

A 76 page journey touching on sighting in your rifle properly, care for your equipment, and drugs that work for managing and maintaining cattle health in an easier, profit enhancing manner.


Pistol Holster

For those in need of holstering a Model 179B or 190B pistol, our “hi-ride” holster is the answer. The hi-ride is a shoulder strapped, form fitted, belt loop design that greatly enhances stability, carry and draw. The high ride position near the torso and slightly forward design provides excellent projector retention and allows a quick easy draw for left and right-handed shooters. The two-way directional snap holds the gun firmly in place.


Economy Gun Case

Economy cases are made with high impact plastic and plastic latch assemblies.


Delux Pistol Case

Economy cases are made with high impact plastic and plastic latch assemblies.


Crossman 88 Gram Adaptor

Use right out of the package with AirSource Adapter. Each reservoir is good for approximately 150 shots, depending on temperature and pressure selected. Use as your primary power source or as a back-up.(Adapter sold separately) When using the 88 g disposable cylinder with the X-2, 150 shot-count is obtainable. When attached to the X-Caliber, reduced shot count can be anticipated due to larger air volume requirements.

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YARDAGE PRO®SPORT 450 by Bushnell

The Yardage Pro® SPORT 450 emits invisible, eyesafe, infrared energy pulses. Sophisticated circuitry and a high speed clock are used to instantaneously calculate distances by measuring the time it takes for each pulse to travel from the range finder to the target and back. Minimum distance is 21 yards, maximum distance can be 400 yards on highly reflective surfaces.



Pneu-Dart Digital Tracking Receiver.

  • Highest sensitivity in tracking receivers

  • Best pinpoint accuracy available

  • Polyphase Filter reduces background noise

  • Easy tuning and smooth tones


Recommended Reading

Handbook of Wildlife Chemical Immobilisation 

Third Edition Terry J. Kreeger, MS, DVM, PhD. Jon M. Arnemo, DVM, PhD. 

A 432 page, 9” x 6” softcover book with drug dosages for over 250 mammals, birds and reptiles. A wealth of information that anyone can understand. Dr Kreeger & Dr. Arnemo have worked in wildlife management, zoo management, and animal protection for almost three decades. Dr. Kreeger is the supervisor of the veterinary Services Branch of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Wyoming (Veterinary Sciences) and the University of Minnesota (Fisheries and Wildlife) Dr. Arnemo is a professor of wildlife medicine at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Section of Artic Veterinary Medicine, Tromso, Norway.

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